Gabriel Butel

Owner, Manager

Gabriel has always had a passion for videography and photography. He started his photography journey by taking pictures of landscapes and animals and eventually reached out into taking portraits. His Filmmaking journey has been similar, as he used to create LEGO short films using stopmotion animation, then branched out to live action filmmaking. From filming weddings, corporate events, or interviews, to music videos, advertisements, and documentaries, Gabriel can do just about everything in the camera space! All of his hobbies has lead him to his current career, as the founder of Butel Media Group.

Gabriel Butel – Owner, Manager

Amanda Cook

Pinecrest Marketing

We partner with, Amanda Cook, owner of Pinecrest Marketing. They’re a small business, full-service marketing company located in Kansas. Pinecrest offers website design, graphic design, social media management and advertising, email marketing, and more. By partnering with Pinecrest, we’re able to offer you a wider range of services to help boost your business! Need a video ad set up? We’re your team.

Visit their website to see what they can do for you! pinecrest-marketing.com

Amanda Cook – Pinecrest Marketing

Phillip Duncan

Social Media Manager and Photography Assistant

Phillip has always had a passion for improvement, which makes him great at his position assisting Gabriel in managing BMG’s various Social Media accounts. Phillip has been a model in many of BMG’s early photoshoots, which has brought him onto the team as photography assistant, helping with a multitude of photoshoots for BMG.

Phillip Duncan – Social Media Manager and Photography Assistant

Lincoln Gibson

Camera Operator

Lincoln Gibson has always had a love for videos. Lincoln has been a great addition to the BMG team with his unique and creative perspective on various projects.