Life Review Films

What is a Life Review?

Life Review films use a set of questions (Attached below, these are a starting point, feel free to go off script or use your own!) that helps them tell the story of their life. The idea is to have family present to ask questions and record in their own home so that you can really see the character and personality of the person being filmed as well as some other interactions with their family. The time it takes to interview really depends but we try to keep it condensed as much as we can to keep up everyone’s energy. Usually it takes about an hour for the interview, but again this can vary depending on the person and how inquisitive the interviewer is.

Sample Life Review Films

Ellen Jean Wilson Bonner – A Life Review

Life Review Packages

A Life Review
  • 4k Ultra HD Multi Camera Film
  • Up tp 2 Hours of Coverage
  • One Subject
  • Up to 45 Minute Film
  • Online Delivery and Download
A Life Review For Two
(Most Popular)
  • 4k Ultra HD Multi Camera Film
  • Up to 3 Hours of Coverage
  • Two Subjects
  • Up to Two 45 Minute Films
  • Online Delivery and Download
A Life Documentary
  • 4k Ultra HD Multi Camera Documentary
  • Up to a Full Day of Coverage
  • Up to Two Subjects
  • Up to 2 Hour Documentary
  • Online Delivery and Download

Our Life Review Questions

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